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Inspired by Frederic Gros' A Philosophy of Walking, Laozi's Tao te Ching, and Martin Heidegger, she realized that walking is also related to finding one's self. Based on the philosophy of walking, she held her solo painting exhibition named "Meeting the Self" in 2022. In her paintings, she tried to show the body not as a phenomenon, but as a becoming, flow and continuity. The figures in her paintings are independent of space, non-objective, free and integrated with time, both alone and anonymous. The one, who seeks the self while trying to escape from the self, is at peace in this flow. The colors do not show the reality, but the traces of the snapshots in the flow.

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In the era of virtual media and social distance, being in and in the rhythm of nature, taking better care of it, leaving your soul to the flow of nature can be a healing power more than ever. Also influenced by the concepts of posthumanism and hybrid body, she integrated her drawings and watercolor works into her digital artworks for her solo digital exhibition “Hybrid Bodies” in 2022. As a matter of fact, the hybridization of the body with animal and plant forms or the transformation of machine parts into parts of the body have become one of the prominent interdisciplinary research topics in the contemporary art environment.

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She inspired by the book "Inconsistencies" of Marcus Steinweg for her solo painting exhibition "The Impossibility of the Subject". According to Steinweg, the subject should move away from thinking according to the generally accepted but contradictory reality. In order to be a subject, a person must understand the self, transcend the own limits and even go beyond the self in order to understand the self. The subject is experiencing a journey to the self. The subject's ability to reach the end of this journey depends on discovering and destabilizing the own inconsistencies.

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After being invited to the "Water for Life" international art exhibition to be held at the Niagara Falls History Museum, she organized a solo painting exhibition in 2017 on the water theme she focused on. By likening the variable, versatile, fluid, fertile, flooding feature of water that can absorb and throw out everything, to the mood of the woman, she depicts the female figure with the oval form in the waves of the sea or the drops of the water.

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There are some similarities between the concepts of dance and magic in ancient Turks. The dance of two people evokes feelings of intimacy and passion, for a short time. Couples watch each other throughout the dance. Dance creates love, nurtures it, but cannot sustain it forever. According to Eric Fromm, the common problem of love and art is whether they are both illusions. Dance is like a state of love, both illusion and fascination, and mutual care, devotion, and passion.

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Shining under the moon light

Sun pales beside her

Embracing the cities

No longer suffering in your spirit

No longer desires with paradoxes

Let her know why she is alive.