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Inspiring by mythology, identity, poststructuralism, posthumanism and hybrid body, she animated her drawing figures for Anima Mundi Art Festival for "Consciousness" Section organized by ITSLIQUID Group, participated in 2019 as an invited artist.

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Represented Turkey in the international exhibition attended by 37 artists from 18 countries in 2018. Portraying people in response to salient topics and issues some of the 21st century such as identity and gender, for International Art Exhibition "Water For Life" at Niagara Falls History Museum, she painted the people trying to drink from their bodies. Water is very important for our life as the amount of water in the human body ranges from 50-75%. But less fresh water will be available, because of the effects of global warming. The role of human activity is much more than the other causes of global warming. We, people, are damaging to nature continuously, so we destroy our life space. If we lose fresh water in the world, we lose our bodies.

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With her video-art named Utopia, she participated in the exhibition, which took place in Cavallerizza Reale, Turin, Italy with the participation of artists from 14 different countries. In her work of video-art, Ebru Dede travels in the dark and writes her utopia impressing by the novel of The Dispossesed by Ursula K. Le Guin. Reading this novel and also observing some of her relatives who travel between Germany and Turkey, she thinks that immigration make feel people homeless. In the end of her video art, she loses her light. Living in the current social system, as the artist feels herself in the dark, wants to light up her own way. She leaves with her bag which is covered with nû painting outside and laceworks that symbolize Turkish traditions inside. For new beginnings, she takes a blank paper and pen. She writes an utopia which is based on equality. When she understands it is impossible to establish a World how she wants, her light is driven away back to the dinner table representing the family meaning the origin.

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She participated in Camac Artist Residency Program in Marnay sur Seine, France from August 2nd to 31st 2016, as a selected artist. During this period, she created several artworks and sketches at the experimental level and two of them are now part of Camac collection's.

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“WOMAN DOES NOT EXIST” There have been various issues that the women have to exceed for being subjects in society. Since 1960s the feminist authors and artists have been against the theories which specify the women as an object that mostly had announced by Freud and Lacan. Since then, the works of contemporary art have criticized these theories through the feminist texts by Kristeva, Butler and other feminist philosophers and psychoanalysts. By the Works of feminist art, the viewer could have seen the women as they should have been.

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"WOMAN’S SOUL" Spirit, vary in men and women. Woman’s soul is filled to the depth of nesting of different desires. Women are always undecided about their existence. They want to both being for themselves and others. To be for others, they should be serving, being nice, sexy, giving birth, etc. To be for themselves, they want to be seen as a human, to be independent.